My Death
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2004-01-25 04:14:07 (UTC)

well, lets see im FINALLY..

well, lets see im FINALLY 16...this is my thoughts n

=( lately i've been missing my cary crazies A LOT... even
though i talk to the ones i WANT to talk to almost everyday
i miss them a lot.. imiss seein their faces n smiles...

swim season is almost over..im gunna end up getting fat and
outa shape again...i wanna get a job at carowinds OR hell
anywhere...but so far carowinds is the closest to me...

i reallllly wanna go to military ball but i odn't have a
date and there's NO WAY IN HELL that ima go w/out one..i
did that last year and it wasn't as fun..

gah its been a year since i've gotten some...and 5 months
since i've made out with anyone...this SUCKS!!! expecially
since i have no chance with anyone down here...

i reallllllllly miss my brother...i hope he can come home
next christmas...