fire cat

Day on the Brink
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2004-01-25 03:24:42 (UTC)

just the begining

well basiclly im just another kid that is hating most all
of my highschool years and am very glad i only have one
more to go i love all that has to do with girls and am
trying to get one to stay around but i dont think thats
what she wants

im a lord of all that is fire as i am the worst pyro i
know so if ya got a lighter well you arent on my shit list

the one thing that pisses me off more than anything is
someone who hurts a chick in the name of love (i know of
one right now that deserves to be hit hard enough to bleed
out the ears)

i also write poems they can be viewed at
my pen name is ezekeial

im not quite sure on what else to write so maybe ill just
go out the door now