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2004-01-25 03:04:25 (UTC)

Tasha's and home

ok so last night was so much fun i was at Tasha's and we
went for a walk wiht this guy named Naz he goes on Tasha
and Kayla's bus, hes a cool guy. we walked all over
Clarkdale which is pretty good casue it was like -25
Brrrrr!. we were walking through a park and these little
immature girls started yelling at us.... so we yelled back
until there parentals came and yelled at them to shut up!
lol it was awesome. we also played in the park it was fun
me adn tasha slid down some slides on our stomachs which
were covered in snow so it was kinda cold but still fun i
guess. we were freezing by the time we ended up right by
Tasha's house so we went inside to warm up and Naz ended up
stayin to watch Underworld which i think is really good but
kinda gory. it's about a war between Vampires and Lykins
(Werewolves) and a Vampire falls in love with a guy that
can be both a Vampire and Lykin at the same time so hes
like super beast! at like 12 is finally ended and we drove
Naz home and found he lives close to both Kayla and Tasha.
me and tash finally got to sleep at like 1 30 and woke up
at 12 30 so it was kewl. we spent most of the time
studying becasue we both have our science final on monday
at 1 so its all good. i got home at about 4 30 and spent
most of the day just sitting around watching tv a very
boring day but its all good casue i got soccer tommorrow!
but im gonna go buh byez to all!