lyssa's Diary!
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2004-01-25 00:59:42 (UTC)

nuthins really goin on

well, i guess i seem pretty boring... last night i just
layed on my couch and did nuthin!... i was worried about
aj.. i wanted him to email me or sumthin, and i am a little
bothered he emailed melissa again... she told me...
although it did just say he couldnt talk to her ne more...
i wish he would have given me the heads up though. i had
work today blah!! 6 hrs. but i had a good time everyone
there was haven fun i guess. i dont have ne plans for
tonight, he asked me to go out with him tonight but im
thinken no... and i might kick it with ashlee, but im not
sure about htat either sense i have work tomrrow morning..
blah!! my birthday is feb 2nd i still have no idea what im
gonna do... ahhhh lol.... we start new classes on tuesday,
im not really excited sense i have to take over a sophmore
class again... stupid science teacher!ne who... i guess im
cool with melissa she said shes getten married, but i think
shes talken to aj behind my back... and her fiances...i
hope not for mine and her fiances sake... i do wish though
that aj would just call me to tell me whats goin on but i
doubt he will... :( i know hes busy and all but i feel as
though he just disappeered putta know where... maybe that
was his plan? who knows.. but yea im gonna go now... im
tired and i have alot to think about.... ttyl!