Nick's Journal
2004-01-24 22:53:22 (UTC)

$100 bucks for a book?

100 bucks for a book? why the fuck not! hell i know that
this new edition of financial derivatives and risk
management has sooooooo much new shit in it from last
year. like, pictures! new little side
columns on the side that i don't give a shit about, or how
about a snazzy new little CD-ROM!!! you know that shit you
have for your computer? hell yeah, cos every one of us
uses those fucking disks that give us unnecessary links to
the publishers webpage. the only thing those cds are good
for is for losing. namely when you try and sell your shit
back and the 300 lb bitch asks, "well aintcha gots da cd
dat came with it?"
cd? cd? oh that fucking piece of shit that is stuck in
the fucking middle of the book so that you can't turn the
pages right, so you rip it out when you're losing your
mind and have to finish your homework?
that cd?
what i hate is that this one jerk off professor here that
actually writes one of the 3000 dollar books claims that
it's necessary to constantly get a new finance book,
cos, "the market's are always changing".
the fuck they are! the financial instruments employed
today, be it for analysis, hedging, speculating, or
whateve the christing fuck are the fucking same. it's the
stupidity of people that constantly changes. either
people are kinda wising up cos they bought 1000 shares of
worldcom, or they see the markets going up now and think
that it's a good idea to invest in the nascent market of
say.....HD radio. boy are people gonna be sad little
monkeys once they realize the theoretical application of
HD radio isn't quite the same as the realization of, "wait
i should spend all that money just so that i can hear the
black religious station on am radio clearly?"
ok, and if i'm shaking a little bit aroudn 1:15 on any
given week day it's cos i haven't eaten lunch yet, so get
the fuck outta my way, asia! there was this one fat asian
guy infront of me today at the cafeteria and sweet christ
was he fucking around the salad line. first of all it's
hard to take fat asians seriously cos their faces are all
pudged up and it just looks like someone put two paper
cuts where their eyes are. anyhow, what the fuck is 300
lb chuck wang doing at the salad bar anyhow? don't you
want some kung pao bitch?
damn. and he was doing that whole breathing/wheezing
thing do when fat people get excited about eating. sweet
shit i thought i was in a god damn wind tunnel. little
bit of saliva dried on the side of his fat mouth. eh.
and i had a smoothie the other day. 5 bucks? damn i can
adopt a korean for that much. and if i'm finally suckered
into this posh thing then you'd think they'd make it
right. but the steriod hyped psychotic fixing them seemed
like his roid rage was causing his brain to malfunction.
he put about 3 cows worth of milk into that shit.