Daughter of Isis

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2004-01-24 20:16:21 (UTC)

Confused and Lost

Hello. So then yeah welp 2day is going 2 be very very
boring bc like normal i dont go anywhere or really do
anything. Im most likly just going 2 sit here and talk 2
ppl i dont know online and some i know and after that go in
my room and listen 2 music and read. woohoo what a fun day
isnt it? yeah ok. welp emo music is on....how nice. i
should really turn it off but im 2 lazy. god man im so
lazy. maybe thats why im so fat. welp for those who read
you guys should read the following...vampire kisses,hard
love,define normal,first love,out of the shadows,darkness
before dawn,interview with the vampire (if any of the anne
rice books read that one)leslies journal, Treacherous love,
and dreamland. Theres more but yeah. Welp I love ricky!
Ricky is king! anyways....i miss ozzy perez. stupid me
keeps having dreams of him comming back 2 school! its so
sad. crap man im bored of this i'll write some time

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