taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-01-24 19:34:00 (UTC)


Looking back on the contributions I have made to this diary
of sorts I noticed the emergence of a growing trend.

In the beginning, I created this 'diary' for the purpose of
propagating my left-wing, anti-hegemonic ideas and beliefs,
among other homemade, non-ideologically centered thoughts,
to the masses. Always straying from what typical 'diary'
content should be about, interpersonal relations recounting
and other social-setting inspired paraphernalia.

Gradually, however, a shift has occured. Perhaps it was the
realization that this is not the best medium to deliver
politically charged on the soap box rants as the masses
here aren't very massy and, without evidence, typically
consist of dumb tweens or people too high on the prospect
of suicide to notice a good entry when they see.

Or maybe it's been all the bullshit I've been watching on
tv. Or one of any number of things. The point is I am now
writing entries about my useless social life like everyone
else and it's kind of sickening.

I think I should abandon the conception that this 'diary'
is a means for me to speak to people or something, because
all it really is is a place for me to right things
aimlessly, documenting what i was thinking or going through
at any given time and so that one day I can look back and
say, "I was one drunk fucked up stupid kid" but I can say
that now so this all sucks.

How about a quote... "he's a twat called maurice" -

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