my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-01-24 05:58:20 (UTC)

tonights lovely-ness. except not..

ok haha i just noticed something i accidently mentioned my
last name in my last entry. whatever.
ne way 2day was sorta crappy. beca n i lounged aroun the
house until l5 when dad calls and asks "when r yall comin
over to eat? we're eating at 530" and he told us nothing us
this before then we just figured supper'd be at like 630 or
something. so we hurried to get ready adn got there around
545, and we didn't eat til l630 -.- how smart are we? so ne
way we get over there. during supper dad was talking about
some explosion at lakeland and how it was the eteachers
fault and she had way out of date chemicals and i was
like "well shouldn't the school check up on that to make
sure she's doing her job?" and dad and steph like cut me
down with "no michele its HER JOB are u not getting this"
ect it was so agravating i was so aggravated. arg. ne way
so i was in a bad mood. then when we get to MY house, we
were supposed to be cleaning off couches becasue we were
gonna throw 2 of them out and i started doing that and
steph was walking out of the room and i said 'uh steph get
ur junk of the couch" and she didnt say anything so i said
it again and she yelled at me to shut up bcuz she was on
the phone (tho she wasnt talkin yet no one'd picked up the
phone) so that made me mad. the whoel evening was sucky. we
were taking acouch out right and there was a metal bar like
thin on the bottem that was stickign otu as we were taking
it out the front door and it hit(slightely) the door frame
and dad yeleld 'michele stop your gonna break the door
frame off!" and it wasn't freakin me! that made me so mad i
hadn't done anything, liz and lena jumping on the couch bed
made that mess up and he yelled at me for it being broken
and hittin the door frame. earlier in the evening steph
accused me of being judgemental, adn dad said i was
pessimistic. which is such a lie. i am a very optimistic
perosn around people, its when im alone that i am
pessimistic and my FAMILY makes me pessimistic bcuz they
blame me for stuff or assume stuff w/o asking and it kills
me. i love being able to rant. im gonna jet i have t oget
up early and paint.


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