2004-01-24 04:04:09 (UTC)


today was horrible. ray came over which was all fine and
dandy (haha i dont believe i jsut said fine and dandy! oh
well) we ended up doing shit. and he went and told people
what happened after i asked him not to. now a shit load of
people know. i'm so mad. not only that but he was suppose
to come up thursday went to some school thing (or as far
as i know he did) and then we were suppose to do something
tongiht but he called me yesterday and told me how this
friend of his her dad died a little while ago and she
didnt deal with it but was now so a few of them were going
to get together and he said her name and i was like i know
her and he was ike no its a different one and made up all
this shit. turns out it was all bull shit. he ended up
going to a party at her house and it was the one i knew
and her dad didnt die and all this shit. he made it all
up. like its not that i care he'd rather go to a movie
then spend the ngiht at a boring movie when he's seen me
all day...hell i would too. it's jsut the fact he lyed to
me. i'm through with him. today finished everything. even
if i want to i'm not letting him talk me into doing any
more shit. i cnat take it. he's full of crap. he says he
loves me and i mean the world to him...so why wont he jsut
tell me the truth? i thought he was different
as for tonight. that was a whole other story. tim came up
for like 6 hours. fastest 6 hours of my life! we didn;t do
much...he played guitar (haha he moves his mouth!),
watched ginger snap (i like that movie) and
massages...mhmm...tims the best at massages! we had a
laugh i spose...ate some pizza (took me a fucking long
time too!...had teeth pulled yesterday and my mouth is
anyways...i'm really pissed off...i'm gone.