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2004-01-24 01:58:35 (UTC)

tashas house

OK so today i got up at like 10 so tiring i also shoveled
the driveway today so not fun but i needed the excercise
so meh! then i went to lunch with my sis and my mom and my
sis is 3 months pregnant yah for her! went to timmys! (tim
hortons) so good mmmmmm!! then i went to my basketball
practice casue im on the sabres team for my school and
till like 3 it was long but fun there was only like 5 of
us so it wasent kewl but we only have like 8 on the team
so its pretty good. right now i am at my friend tashas
house hence the name of the topic. and were pigging out on
pizza and talking to people on msn. we rented some movies
we got underworld wanted to see it so bad! and once upon a
time in mexico wiht johnny depp such a hottie! ya but im
gonna go ill talk to yall later buh byes!