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2004-01-23 23:35:52 (UTC)

So I haven't yet decided...

I was thinking of putting all my writing after the
excercises on here. Actually putting it in a different
diary and writing in it every day. Cause let's face it, I
have alot to write. This whole excercise is going to be
aproximately 300 pages. That's like 150 sheets of paper.
Wowy. Plus, to keep my stuff going, I'd like to continue
some excercises further down the road. If I keep to this
and check the beginning struggles with my further
advancement after a year or 2/3 I might be starting the
kind of mental stamina where I can jump into an ice cold
lake in the nude and fell hot. Gosh that would be cool. Or
just be able to do similar stuff on not so great a scale.

What excercises could I train myself for? Lately I've been
thinking of something along the lines of
astral projection,
telekenisys, and
card play.

Basically work a few weeks up to 2 months and if all good
maybe more on being able to leave my body. This could start
out with a basic every other day relaxation and some strong
will power. Within time do that every day until I jump out
of my body. Then working on staying out longer, being able
to go different places. Like places I wanna visit, places
I'm scared to go, and ofcourse, visisting my sis in Calli.

Telekenisys would have to be worked on quite often if it's
gonna work out. Research would need to be done, and perhaps
a book or two bought. Later some kind of slow processed
hardcore schedule. No slacking here. This is a full
dedication process. The big leagues. Lots must have been
achieved before to even begin this. Dedication is a must.
Time very valuable, for this consumes plenty of it.

Card play is just something I'd like to do eventually. It
would make for some real good tricks. Like being able to
tell what card is next. Imagine the possiblities of tricks.
I figure if I start small, like with one color seperately,
and just get a feel for the color first. Then for the
numbers, then work with one colors full deck solo, I'd be
eventually able to put it all together and just say: That's
this card, that's that card. It would make some kick ass
tricks when I could tell people: Wanna see a trick? Pick up
that deck of cards, shuffle it, pick one out, look at it,
put it back in the deck and shuffle. Is it so and so your
card? And they'd say: How did you do that? I can then truly
answer: It's magick!

This though would call for a lot of place to write stuff
down in, so I'm thinking maybe I should move over to
virtual space.

I like writing by hand, but the virtual space aspect is
just so much more convenient, besides this way I have my
book of shadows wherever I go, I can note down my
experiances most anywhere later once I get a notebook.
Plus, if I keep to it, I won't be burried in paper. I can
use the rest of my BOS on worthy spells and such. If ever
there is a major breakthrough I can always print the
desired amount and place it in my BOS. I'll probably start
another online diary just for that. I'll do that today...
Just watch Yikes, ich muste pinkle