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2004-01-23 23:21:43 (UTC)


What is going on and stuff? Me, just here at Laura's.
My little Laura is sickie...AWWWWWWW MY BABY!! Jack to the
rescue! :) Well stuff is going ok, not the best but I will
make it better. We're kind of going to the old ways we
were going but we're not going to let that happen. Nope
nope nope! The arguing shall not over come us! (stands
tall, sticks out chest) Hee-hee. Um...I read the entry
before this one and Im like...oh my god, thats not me!
I've never written like that before, all sad and shit. Oh
well, that was only one day anyways. I sounded just like,
nah, never mind, I won't put the name on here but you know
who Im talking about babe. Stuff in life is going a little
better, like of what I want and shit. I took the
accuplacer this morning and lasted 3 fucking hours. Im
going to college this summer, yay me! I finally know what
I freaking want. Me is going to be a college student, move
over people! Its going to be tubular! Im not going to get
fustrated or quit or any of that shit cause me is cool!
Ok, well I don't know what else to write so me is going to
leave now. Ok bye! I LOVE YOU BABY!


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