My Party Life
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2004-01-23 22:13:07 (UTC)

My Compliments

Over the past three days, I been gettin compliments like a
mutha. I mean day #1, I was walking from gettin' my
pictures taken right and I was walking by this boy. Now I
was looking at this boy you know checkin him out and he
was wit two other females. Anyway he was like Daaaaaaaamn
and one of the girls said " It's not damn it's hello" and
he was like "She look like a model." I just smiled and
kept walking. Day #2 I was selling lollipops for my
Spanish Club and they say Te Amo (I love you) on them.
Anyway I was talking to my friend Shardelaina and he came
over and joined our conversation like "Yea yea I know."
And we laughed.
Boy: What's in that box?
Me: Suckers.
Boy: You didn't ask me if I wanted a sucker.
Me: Do you want a sucker?
Boy: Yea you gon' let me have one?
Me: You gotta pay 50 cent.
Boy: 50 cent for a sucker?
Me: They're big and they say 'Te Amo' on them.
Boy: What that mean?
Me: I love you.
Boy: I love you? Te Amo.
Me: (blush)
Boy: Wait how you say it?
Me: Te Amo.
Shardelaina: Te Amo
Boy: It's sexy when you say it is it thay or tay?
Me: Tay!
Boy: Lol you sound all Spanish.
Shar: Yea she do.
Me: Now don't run off with my sucker now.
Boy: Don't worry I got the 50 cent just say Te Amo 5 times.
Me: Give me the money first.
Boy: (hands me money) Aight now say it.
Me: TeAmoTeAmoTeAmoTeAmoTeAmo
Boy: Naw say it slower so I can understand.
Me: Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo.
Boy: Yea that's better girl. (he sings away)
~we see him again~
Shar: Sing that new Avant.
Boy: I gotta go when you see me again I'll sing it. (winks
at me)
Me: (smile)

Day #3 (today)
Boy: Damn girl you pretty.
Me: (doesn't know he's talking to her)
Boy: You hear me?
Me: Hunh?
Boy: I said you pretty.
Me: (surprised) Thank you.
Boy: What grade you in?
Me: 9th I'm a freshie.
Boy: You look like a senior.
Me: For real?
Me: Well thank you.
Boy: (holds out hand) Kamron.
Me: (shakes it) Kristina.
Kamron: What?
Me: Kristina.
Kamron: Aight then I'll see you.
Me: Peace out.
Kamron: I knew we'd see each other again.
Me: Yea I'm waitin' on my mama. She late.
Kamron: Oh well I can't get a hug? I would ask for your
number if you want me to.
Me: You wouldn't be able to reach me.
Kamron: Why?
Me: My mom's husband ain't gon' give me the phone. But I
can take yours.
Kamron: I don't have paper or pencil right now.
Me: (roll eyes and searches for paper)
Kamron: (writes down his number) That's my cell you can
reach me.
Me: Aight I'll see you then Kamron.
Kamron: Wait what's your name again?
Me: Kristina.
Kamron: Aight I'm sorry.
Me: It's aight peace out.
Kamron: Bye.

(walking and boys behind me)
Boy #1: That girl in front must be a pimp.
Boy #2: Hi pimp.
Me: (wave)
Boy #3: That's your new nickname pimp.
Boy #4: Pimp

Boys: Bye Pimp
Candace: Bye ya'll
(I silentlty wave behind her so she won't feel dumb)

Well anyway peace out aight HOLLA ~1~

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