Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-01-23 21:49:12 (UTC)

trying to keep the peace.....

hey ppl. in the past 2 days ive been thrown into 2
different fights. and im just trying to keep the peace.
David (for those of you who watched the play hes THE
COUNT) likes this chick Jennifer Conners. Well Jennifer is
DATING MY STEPBROTHER but she wants to break up with Jason
so that she can go out with Lino, Davids BEST FRIEND. So
now Davids all depressed. and he dunt like my bro too
much. and i talked to her last night. and she dunt like
David the way that David likes her. *hmmmm* that sounds
familier....*hmmmm* oh yea *lightbulb* shes doin to David
what he did to meh. *jenns words bout David* "oh i like
him, just not in that way." *Davids words to Matt Jacoby
in front of meh yesterday* "i dont like her in that way."
c the thing me and Jacoby cant figure out is why David is
CONSTANTLY flirting with meh. i mean he started MAJORLY
flirting with me when me and Matt Godwin started going
out. AND in the alcove during scene 3 in fools when Cody
came to see it. i was talkin bout how Cody was meh "Baby".
david goes "i thought i was ur baby" and i told him "your
my freshman baby. Matts (Godwin) my sophmore baby. Codys
meh junior baby. and Wayne is my senior baby." then he put
his arm around meh and i just layed my head on his chest.
i was comfortable doing that. more comfortable with David
then i was with Matt....and im more comfortable with Cody
then anyone else. :-P but i mean....why do that and then
say that you dont like the person??? i dont understand it.
then theres the shit thats been going on with Nick and
Montea and Sabrina. Nick and Montea were in the office
yesterday b.c the school thinks that Nick has been hitting
Montea. Well it isnt Nick and Montea
would joke around...and Montea bruises easily.
so....yea...and then today...Montea got punched in the
face by someone she dont even kno. so i talked to Janet
today and told her that id try being friends with Montea
again. I mean...Montea didnt seem too happy with meh when
we 1st met...but i figured ppl have good days and bad and
maybe i caught her on a bad day. So Janet talked to Montea
and Montea talked to meh. she told meh that she has no
problems with me or anyone else at my lunch table except
for Sabrina. (and Sabby im sorry but its tru.) Montea
thinks that Sabby has done nothing to HELP Montea and
Nicks relationship. (and again sorry Sabby) BUT shes kinda
right. Sabby didnt really TRY to be friends with her and
truely get to kno her. Sabby just made a judgement and
wont move from it. One of the teachings from the bible
is 'Hate the sin. Love the sinner'. Sabby im sorry to say
this but you just hated her. she wanted Nick and didnt
care who she stepped over to get to him. she says that
shes changed...BUT i dont see it. shes still 'gossip
queen'. and thats not good.
If u havent noticed im TRYING to make my life simpiler and
im trying to live my faith. not just practice it.
Just trying to keep the peace ya'll.