The Darkness Within

Dancing Nude
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2004-01-23 21:12:26 (UTC)

Possible Chapters

Well, I figure, that most books have a page which tells the
reader what to expect from the upcoming pages. So this is
my Index if you like! Obviously I cannot tell you in which
order any of these topics may arise, however, I can almost
definately tell you that I will touch base on all of them
at some point in time. Here is a preview of what to expect!

1) Wedded Bliss?
2) Wasting my talents
3) I don't recall applying for a job as a maid!lol
4) Oddities Around Me
5) I'm a Scorpio, I am supposed to be sexual!
6) I'm not really that condesending, I am just truthful
7) I'm right..just accept that and it will make everything
much easier.

Now as I have already told you I am sure that the list will
expand as my days go by, but this is at least a start.
Perhaps I will begin writing tonight. Until then..

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