The Darkness Within

Dancing Nude
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2004-01-23 21:01:45 (UTC)

Dancing by the Trees

Greetings to all whom have somehow wandered onto my page of
thoughts. This being my first entery I suppose I should

A: Explain the dairy title
B: Give some background as to who I am

Part A:

The title of my diary is "Dancing Naked". A title that is
not to be taken as literally as some would think, and is to
be taken more literally than others might. One reason for
this title is that I am a firm believer in the fact that we
are all ( you and I, the earth and sky, water, and trees,
animals, and light, etc. ) one giant form of energy. That
life has a rhythm that pulsates through all in
existance...thus our actions becoming a dance of sorts.
The "Naked" aspect is a metaphor for the shedding of
cloaks, and baring of soul. So in a way, the title
symbolizes my baring of life. On a much less philosophical
level, I love dancing nude by the light of the So
whether you choose to view the diary as a memoir of a
analytic mind, or a journal of a free soul, you would be

Part B:

Who am I that you would want to spend your time reading my
thoughts? To be honest, I'm not sure! I am however able to
give you some detials on who I am. I am a twenty-three
year old female from New York. I was married recently to a
man that I had a previous relationship with as a young
teen, and now have a young son who has become my world.
That said, I don't want you to think that this diary is
going to be all about my childs various steps towards
becoming a toddler! Although I love him more than anything
in the world, I do have other thoughts. Thus the entire
point behind starting this journal. This will be my
sounding board for my thoughts that more often than not go
unheard. I hope that you will enjoy my journey as I search
to find my I am fairly sure it cannot possibly
be my current position of wiping butts, and cleaning dishes!
Happy travels!

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