My Gay Misadventures
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2004-01-23 20:36:13 (UTC)

Me again.

Well Well Well. Check me out. Still alive and what not. I
REALLY have been meaning to keep coming back to this site,
but have been so busy lately. Im still workin at West. Im
goin to college now. So iv entered the wubbulous world of
The Daily Grind. Over the month (or however long its been)
Me and Matias had our ups and downs....But before i go on
any further, im just ganna make a few mini logs about whats
happened and shit, so when im older, and look back at this,
i'll remember and go "Ooooooh Yeeeeaaa"

Dont recall when, but awile back, Matt took me to this
party to meet a few of his friends. We got there, and the
place was Loaded with liqure. My Primary mission was to get
shitfaced, just to see what it was like. So I did. After
awile of drinking, It got weird. My motor skills took a
beating. I was actually Slurring (Jebus, I know) And I was
all dizzy N shit. BUT i still felt the same. So i kept
drinking. Toward the end, some guy started talking to me. I
forgot why. I think cuz he's the one who made my drink and
I kept bugging him to tell me what was in it. He wasnt that
cute. Cool hair though. I dont really remember what we
talked about. He said he was leaving and wanted me to walk
him out. I agreed thinking it was a nice thing to do (cuz
only an asshole would say No) Matt said he was in the
living room, and we made eye contact while i walked out the
door, but i dont remember that either. Outside, we get to
his car, and i prop myself on the car to stop the spinning.
And he just start talking. again, i dont remember about
what. It never occured to me why he never said bye to
anyone if he was really leaving. I do remember loseing
balance a few times and grabbing him for balance, and
around that time is when Matt came out. After
matt "rescued" me Thats when I lost all memory. Talk about
good timeing. But appearntly thats when we left. Anyway,
Needless to say I got sick and puked my pussy ass out of my
mouth. Who knew my stomach could hold so much vomit. Blah
blah blah, That was my first drunken Experance. (And last,
if i cant help it)

Also. Over these past weeks, Matt has tried to ditch me a
few times...he's always come though. Saying he doesnt mean
what he says when he's mad. Something i now know to watch
for...About 2 days ago, either the 20th or 21st (it was
around midnight or so) He asked me out. Like Boyfriend
wise. I agreed, but i havent spoken to him since. Not his
fault, Iv just been too busy with work and school, havent
really been home. Im hopeing to see him today...Been
thinking though. Around the time he did pop the question,
we'd just exited a near "farewell for good" moment. So im
not really sure if he ment it or not. He could have just
been emotional. I will have to ask him again today, when
he's in his normal mood. A part of me belives he ment it,
but the logic part of me is cautious...Hmm...Buggar.

Matt said he would try to be Versital w/ me...which was
sweet. But it prolly wont last long. if we do try, and he's
Really uncomfortable with it, then I wont ask him to do it

-- (Pause) --

Hmm. Im thinking too much. But its one of those times when
I think so hard, I dont know what it is im thinking about.
Almost like a stupor...I wonder if anyone else does that,
or is it just me?

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