listen to my silences
2004-01-23 18:52:44 (UTC)

resumes and the like

yeah, so i thought it was done with everything. i called
dad this morning and he was like oh yeah you need to do a
cover letter too. oh thanks, now you tell me. so i still
haven't gone over there. i just finished it so i sent it
to dad and he's reading it. so far i've only had one
little thing to fix. not like with my resume. *sigh* i
also wanted to go over to my bank and give a resume to
cindy. but, i don't think it's going to happen today since
i still have to go to work later. blah.

this would be so awesome if the job with toyota worked
out. tiff left about an hour and a half ago to go see
about a job. i hope she gets it. she would be awesome at
it and the lady seems to really like her. they wanted to
hire two people but she said if she hired tiff she'd only
need her. which would mean tiff would get more hours.
rock on. okay i'm psyching myself up too much. snap me
back to reality, i need to go.

final thought: it's harder to write a resume than it is to
get a job!