2004-01-23 02:22:08 (UTC)

last day

yesturday was my last day of school!! ya! very exciting i
had to exams in the morning but it was only gym and
mechanics so it wasent to bad. i got 58% in my mechanics so
i passed although it wasent very good. after lunch it was
the funniest day ive ever had i didnt go to my 3 and 4
classes i went to the mall for 3rd with whitney and shayla
it was fun there was a guy wiht a mohawk coolest thign i
have ever seen it was like 2 diffrent colors so awesome. i
went to tashas class for 4th it was so funny tasha has a
awesome class with jordan and tyson and kyle so much fun.
especailly in the back wiht the condom which i know sounds
bad but if u knew the inside joke you would laugh your ass
off. today was very boring i slept till like 2 30 very
exciteing then spent liek the rest of the time playing
wolfenstein (very addictive) for like 2 hours it was insane
but anyways im talking to people on msn and i cant multi-
task very well so ill talkt o u later buh byez!

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