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2004-01-23 01:57:18 (UTC)

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

I remember that night at the muni, when I sat next to him
and was in complete awe. He had something about him that
still to this day I cannot describe. I didn't know who he
was, I didn't know his name, but I knew there was
something about him that I couldn't resist. It made me
happy. I wanted to get to know him. Call it love at
first sight or what you will, I just can't explain what I
felt. I remember talking to him a month or so later. And
although I couldn't see his face, and I had forgotten what
his looked like, I still had this amazing feeling inside
me that I cannot describe. I wanted to talk to him. I
couldn't see myself not talking to him. I found him so
amazing. If he didn't tell me he wanted to see me, or ask
me out that night, I don't know what I would have done. I
would have been up all night thinking about how wonderful
he was in every possible way. When he came over, I was so
happy. The feeling I got when he walked in the door was
indescribible. It felt like nothing I had ever felt
before. When he laid down next to me and looked into my
eyes, I couldn't help but smile. When he hugged me, he
hugged me tightly. It felt so comforting. It felt as if
even though we had been going out for 3 hours, that he
never wanted to let me go. I remember our first kiss.
How it took so long to happen, but when it did, it was
perfect. I remember the music in the backround-so loud,
that we couldn't even hear eachother, but it didn't matter
if we couldn't talk, we knew what we were saying just by
looking into eachothers eyes. I remember being completely
alone with you even though we were surrounded by tons of
people. I remember falling asleep next to him, and waking
up the same way. It was the most beautiful feeling I had
ever felt. I was completely happy. He is perfect in
every way. And I love him so much.