listen to my silences
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2004-01-22 22:19:08 (UTC)


well, i got my resume finished about fifteen minutes ago.
finally. yay! so that's good. and all my school stuff
that could be done before my taxes are is done. i just got
my w-2's from k-mart, but i still don't have them from wal-
mart so i can't finsih everything. how awesome would it be
if i had that done too? but it will be done soon.

tiff and i were talking a lot about school. we've got this
huge book to look through that dad gave us about getting
grants and scholarships and such. i'm so glad that we've
gotten close. she's awesome. i honestly don't know what i
would do without her.

last night i went out with cosper and darrell (sp?) and
katie. we went on an adventure. it was so much fun. i
didn't get home until quarter till i didn't get
up today until twelve. i wasn't able to go to toyota
today, but tomorrow morning i'm getting up early to go.

can you tell me where to go please
i can't seem to find my way
i know that this is not your choice
but it's just too hard to make
there are way too many options
and i don't have a clue
all i do is walk around in circles
can i please pass this off on you

final thought: "let's like to be outside, create
things, and put things together...i got it! meg, you just
need to be a construction worker."

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