Sweet Echoes Of Mad Candy
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2004-01-22 21:21:43 (UTC)

People Watching

They just keep walking. Heads down. Ignoring. Bundled up
and cold.

On their daily hikes home, they pay no attention to the
buildings, the noises, the others walking by, the coffee
shop, the couple in the window sharing a dessert and a
quiet moment.

Something so small as a touch of a knee. A brush of a hand.
A straight look. Him. Me. Us.

A clock waves sweeping hands above the heads of those
people living their normal lives. Dwindling minutes to when
I must return to my own reality. A scheduled departure.

Will I wrap myself back up into my own routine so much that
I overlook what needs to be seen?

Is there a way to forget the familiar and be someone