Psychology 1
2004-01-22 18:52:37 (UTC)

Day 4: Relationships between opposites sexes (friendship)

This next entry is involved with friendships between
members of the opposite sex. some people find it very easy
to be friends with people of the opposite sex, while
others have a very hard time and struggle with it. Some
people may even avoid it for whatever reason. In my case,
I am able to maintain frienships with the opposite sex
even though sometimes there may be some complications.
Sometimes I take an interest in my good friend or they may
for me and it is not mutual so that causes issues. It
causes things to become awkward and make things not
platonic anymore. When things go in this direction things
tend to not go so smoothly. For example, feelings may get
hurt, people will be neglected, and bickering and fighting
may occur. This makes it more difficult for members of the
opposite sex to become good friends because in many cases
feeling get in the way and hurt the friendship or totally
destroy it depending on the situation. That is why the
friendship must be mutual because if its not it is only
going to go down sooner or later. People need to consider
other people's feelings when they get into a relationship
because you never know what they will do or how they may
react to certain things.

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