Psychology 1
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2004-01-22 15:39:10 (UTC)

Day 3: Relationships between people of the opposite sex (dating)

The next entry is about the relationships between men and
women. Whether it be just friendship or more, is a factor
in the role it plays in your life. For example, A boy and
girl may have known each other from an early age and became
the best of friends. They continue to be great friends for
years and years and that is how they keep their
relationship. But in more cases, as we get older
relationships between the oppsites sexes become more than
frienship into a feeling of desire or maybe even love. For
example, the same boy and girl friendship that was stated
before may have become something more. Something that once
started as friendship could easily develop into a loving
relationship with intense feelings. It all depends on the
situation you are in and how willing you are to accept
certain feelings for the opposite sex. This is one topic
that may truely baffle people at times and cloud their
judgement. It is hard to be able to be fine with or accept
certain situtions with the opposite sex sometimes. In my
life, men do not make much sense to me. For example, not
long ago me and my boyfriend had a break up. Sometimes
break ups are inevitable or extremely painful to come
people. In my case, it was a mutual decision between both
of us because we unfortunately did not have the time for
one another. Which is sad because it is not as though we
really wanted to, we just felt itd be best for now and
maybe make things easier. Feeling neglected by someone you
care about is a hard thing to deal with. You try to decide
what is more important...feeling that you are happy in the
relationship or just plainly having the relationship at
all. It was a case of thinking what would be best for both
of us and even though it was not exactly what we wanted, it
was something we felt was right because neither of us liked
feeling neglected or like the other did not have enough
time. Relationships can be extremely complicated once
intense feelings get involved, it was lucky for us that we
worked it and and remain friends though our ties have not
broken entirely, but some people have much harder break
ups. Many break ups are not so nice and mutual, alot of
them turn out to be heart breaking and devistating for some
people. And these occur for many reasons: fighting,
unhappiness, treachery, you name it. That is why most of
the time men and women both say that they cannot understand
they other at all. When in actuality, we are not so
different as we make ourselves out to be. But not all
relationships between men and women end up badly. Some of
them can be seen as healthy and rewarding. People may fall
in love and get married and be happy together forever.
Growing up together and living life together, possibly
having families or whatnot. No matter how these
relationships work out, whether bad or good, they all serve
as a learning tool. We may not understand it at the time,
but from every relationship, something new is learned about
people and themselves as a person.

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