C'est moi and I'm not french
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2004-01-22 04:57:19 (UTC)

The Path Coursed

So I wrote this really cool poem last night... well i like
it at least... so here it is and if anyone at all reads
this anytime... let me know your thoughts on it because i
need feedback

I lay here awaiting my potion with sleep
I sit here and write with invisible ink

no trace of pen, just a deep etch
what once ran red now runs dry
It's used up it's purpose
there is no need for more
just let it go, walk through that door

and yet people try and control it
going in cirles
with no avail
until the thing most sought after is lost, and only the
truth can prevail

This is when time is changed
and action is coursed
to find a route, of most importance
for it to be whole, and kept in silence

So that's it.... final thought... i wish that someone would
give me a little credit and realize im not stupid....