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2004-01-22 04:26:13 (UTC)

a good day :o)

well today was quite fun!!! second day of school and i had
some classes... they both werent to bad.. probably going to
be the worse ones yet but i have friends in them... but it
was funny i was workign in the mailroom today and some guy
bought some stamps from me then i saw him later on in the
day and i smiled and said hi because im a nice person like
that and he kinda stopped and was like "hey thanks for the
help with the stamps" and im like yeah no prob... but its
just like come on if ur gonna act smooth say something
worth saying... but im used to it i guess..... well i saw
my friend don today... not for very long but its always
nice seeing him... but then i had a cheering game today ok
it was a basketball game but cheering is a sport lol it
takes a lot to do and if u saw some of the stuff we do, u'd
understand lol well anyways i got to do a basket toss...
man dont i love basket tosses it was soooo great and i
justhad so much fun... well then when i got home ryan took
me out to eat at the olive garden..... it wasnt half bad...
maybe him almost loosing me smartened him up a bit but i
dunno it was alright i guess... but i guess thats all for
my day i know its not totally great but im just so estatic
about the basket toss.... hee hee
oh yeah it was pretty cool i got feedback from one of my
entries from like a stranger it was pretty cool i really
enjoyed that and i just wanted to thank that for them in
one of my entries.... so thanks again :o)

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