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2004-01-22 03:58:39 (UTC)

Ryle vs Holmes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE! well, it was yesterday, but ya know!

MM k... last nite me and em had a lil adventure! we drove
down to covington for the holmes vs ryle game. It was
great, my parents gave me SHITTY directions, so ya, i was
all confused the whole way there, if i would have just gone
the way i knew damnit! lol ya, so when we were about 10
min away, i accidently cut some guy off in this really bad
neighborhood, so he like rode my ass the whole way to
holmes, me and em were freaking out!!!! i was so freakin
scared!! so we get to holmes, i like pack my car up into my
purse, lol, my cd faceplate, my radar detector, lol,
everything! so me and em link arms and RUN into holmes!! we
get in there, find that there is about 1.5 people there
from ryle... (raidernation my ass) so we sit w/ kate and
angie and the whole game we talk about guys.. mainly about
ex-boyfriends that kate and i both know, and stuff like
that, lol, and people that we dont like bc of our ex's and
certain people that talk a whole bunch of shit... that
bitch is going to get her ass kicked i swear! but our
conversation about guys all started w/ lexie pulling up his
shirt to wipe sweat off and me seeing his gorgeous body and
start to drool, lol, it was amazing, better than anything
in the world... well, not tyson beckford. and then we were
scouting out the rest of the team.... emily gets derrick,
and we are going to share lexie, and then i called dibs on
the rest of the team!! soo, ryle lost the game, but we
played decent, but it was all because holmes is hott, thats
why they won! so after the game, me and em meet up w/ her
sister to watch jarrod and some other guys play basketball
at the Y... which was totally ok with me bc they were all
pretty cute.. except the monster from boone who reminded me
of the guy from "along came polly" everytime he shot he
said "rain" and totally bricked bc the dude just sat at
half court and threw up the ball.. i laughed my ass off!
then this other kid had long hair and kept playing with it,
and he had man boobs... EW.... but he had a hott brother,
how the hell does shit like that work out?! lol um, after
the guys played, i headed home... w/ no bump in my car bc
my subs are being gay again... oh well, im going to go back
to the chat room to listen to brett, jake, josh, kyle, and
noah talk about masterbation and how much they hate each
other... fun times