Too Much to Say
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2004-01-22 03:27:08 (UTC)

responsibility? what's that?

i have to get serious!!! all i am wanting to do is
socialize! i can't seem to get anything done. it's
getting ridiculous. i can't even focus long enough to
clean my, who am i kidding? i've never kept my
room clean. but i'm just not getting the work done that i
need to get done. I JUST WANT TO PLAY!!! seriously
though, i have to do at least one productive thing tonight
before i go to bed. and even more importantly "go to
bed." i have got to start getting better sleep.
wow...i just realized how incredibly boring this
entree is. it's probably because i'm desprately trying not
to talk about boys. it's quite a challenge.
i'm such dork. but hey, at least i know it, right?
yeah, it's time to go.

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