Wishin' on some long lost star
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2004-01-22 02:25:50 (UTC)

Everything is gonna be alright. Be strong, believe

Hey all...
I'm confused, for cassy, for everyone, for me. And it
doesn't help that i'm attempting to complete my homework
whilst worrying about these things. Ugh, and now i feel
like throwing up because i was just running around at
basketball and drank lots of water and ate dinner right
before basketball... and i just ate a piece of chocolate,
and i'm like trying not to hurl... Hey molly: If i stick a
quarter in ur butt will you wiggle?! hahahahahah Ok, to
people who don't get it, molly and her sister stacy were
babysitting these little kids, and stacy told the kids that
if they stuck a quarter in molly's butt she'd wiggle and so
for the rest of the night the little kids chased molly
around. hahah... i love her, she can always make me crack
up... lol we've started a new trend me and her: when your
head hurts, don't stand there and hold your hand to your
head or hold ice to your head, take a HI-C juice box that's
frozen and hold it to your head! Soon, all the cool people
will be holding juice boxes to their heads... and then
we'll revert back to ice/hands... and all the juice box
heads will look stupid. Yep... It's only a theory. You know
what bugs me? like really? The way people completely take
advantage of you, and then expect everything to be ok and
to go back to the way it was before they took advantage of
you. There are quite a few people in my own life who do
this frequently, and our relationship like breaks and then
temporarily mends, and then when it breaks again not only
does it break somewhere else but the place that was
temporarily mended breaks again creating a bigger broken
place... And if this is the way it continues in people
lives... How do we mend our shattered hearts and lives?
Ugh, my stupid parents are nagging me to go... No time for
a bible verse.
Go look up 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
All my love,