The Necronomicon
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2004-01-21 15:12:21 (UTC)


This is Lee Chongs story of confusion .Lee is a well to do
chef working inn a top London restaurant , He likes
watching athletes cry when they lose a big match ,
collecting garden gnomes , he dislikes listening to the
noise of someone rustling through the cutlery drawer ,
when a drop of rain hits the tip of his cigarette . In
approximately 2 hours Lee’s life will change for ever. When
I step out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of
the movie, I had only two things on my mind: what was that
film actually about and how did I get to the cinema .the
film was something about a car going through a forest and a
mum and child, and she is killing someone or something like
your average crappy horror flick that when you leave you
cant really remember .so.. I leave the cinema and pat my
trouser pockets to find my cigarettes and I feel a sharp
pain in my leg. I try to find the nearest toilet or alley
and all this time people are looking at me in a strange way
as if I were dying of a plague or maybe if I were from a
IRA meeting and had just walked into Annie Millar’s wearing
a Celtic top so I can check to see what the pain is I
finally find a toilet to check and the is four cuts in the
shape of a comedy scar engraved into my leg about twelve
inch by three inch. I was getting a bit freaked out by all
this and then I start to get a throbbing head ache and
notice puke all down the front of my black silk shirt, wait
I didn’t even have a black silk shirt this is maybe one of
the softest silks I have ever felt I begin to wonder were
all these things are coming from maybe I was drunk, yes
perhaps I was drunk that explains everything. But who was I
with its only halving past one I don’t drink this early.
what was I on, who was I with, how did this happen to my
leg and it was the combination of those three questions
that made me want to find out everything that I couldn’t
remember or that I felt had been hidden from me . Like when
my parents said that the dog was very ill and that it
needed put down was it actually ill or could they not
afford the vet bills for the operation or maybe they just
didn’t like the dog at all . As this theory of how I would
spend my spare or all of my time would be a big step a
strange but still big step I wandered about and then some
more until I thought is this really the life for me .and
that is when it happened .lee was hungry from all the
thinking and walking about so he decided to go for
something to eat he knew the nearest place was the 24 hours
Burger King so he entered and as soon as he did two men
(dressed head to toe in black pin-stripe suits ) walked by
and “what the hell are you doing “ the men grabbed both
Lees arms and dragged him into a nearby alley and said “
remember what we told you last night , you leave this place
at once don’t actually leave Scotland or you will die “ at
this precise moment a old lady and two police men grabbed
the men off of Lee . As they were getting dragged away in
handcuffs they shouted to lee “do you not remember us “as
the men are taken away by the police one of the too police
men comes up to Lee and says “do u wish to come to the
station, Lee replies no pushes the police man out of the
way and runs, not because he has a guilty conscience but as
he loves the adrenalin rush he is in his own way a drug
user a natural drug user of adrenalin , this all started
when he was a young boy and his father used to take him out
rally driving , the reason that Lee never took up a career
In rally driving is that his father was killed as a result
of Lee spilling a can of irn-bru when going at top speed
and his fathers lost control of the car . His father was
killed instantly and Lee was almost paralysed. In this
moment of adrenalin he decides to listen to the two men and
finds a hotel to crash in until he has calmed down when Lee
gets these mad adrenal rushes the after mass is that he
becomes very paranoid and this is when he thinks of his
father. Then the one great question for him to solve for
himself is set was it Lees fault that his father died. In
his weakened state from thinking of his father he decides
to face his fear and fault, he decides he can’t keep being
like this when ever his father crops up into his mind. He
does not no whether to believe the two men but does not
leave his room anyway , he will continue to hide in his
room until he has came to a conclusion , he cant sleep , he
cant eat this question makes him wonder whether it was a
good idea to ever start this . Finally on the forth day of
extreme depression and paranoia caused by the men he gets
sleep, only for 2 hours but still he had some sleep. He
wakes up in a cold sweat, was that the truth. his flash
back had shown that when he opened the can that some had
went on his fathers new leather rally coat , he then starts
to think that if his father was not so tight that he would
not have cared that much what kind of man chooses a coat
over two lives . He throws up violently, he decides because
of this dream that he should do what others do in times of
desperation (turn to drugs). He already did smoked ganja
and took coke but had never become addicted to coke. He
decided to turn to the big one the one that according to
train spotting (take the best orgasm you have ever had
multiply it by 1000 and you still aren’t even close) he
decides to ask one of the homeless people he does think for
a second maybe they will be offended by me stereotyping
them that they are all heroin junkies so he takes a score
note to give if they start anything. He looks for the
lowest of the low so he doesn’t need to give away to much
money. And there he was a small grey haired man sat outside
the UGC cinema was I started just 5 days ago. He asks “any
spare change pal “I reply “do u no anyone I can by smack of
a I no a cop “he gives me a look of surprise “sorry don’t
know what your talking about” I wave the twenty note in
front of him. He says listen I’ll show you were to go but
it wasn’t me that told you if you are a cop. he gives me
the directions in a deep husky voice and every few words he
chokes. As he gives me the address I leave I give him the
twenty but feel almost happy that he will go and spend it
on heroin and that will hopefully end his misery, but then
who am I to give life and death. Finally I reach the rotten
excuse for a door and knock but am afraid to hit to hard in
case my hand goes through it. I man that was so skinny he
might snap if I bump into him not that I would want to. I
ask for a teenth , I give him the money but before I leave
he asks “ you a first timer “ I reply “ aye why “ he gives
me a stare as if to say listen “don’t inject for your first
time it’ll kill you “ I leave thinking to my self what
ever . I make it back to my self paranoid of the scum and
of the men that are after me. I get back to my room and
start the ritual of cooking up the heroin. I didn’t listen
to the dealer; if it ends my life then it has done the
trick. I sit back inject and suddenly think. I have a flash
back it wasn’t my fault my dad died he was just so tight
maybe he was depressed and wanted to die , he was an
alcoholic maybe he was drunk at the wheel I don’t know and
know its too late to find out . I feel very sleepy was it
my life going or was it the drug coming .

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