The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-21 07:24:14 (UTC)

"h1g# - v0lUm& $iX"

Welcome all to the STONERS PALACE OF THOUGHTS lol (Yea, i
capped it cause it's "important" so :P)

Tonight, i've been thinkin about runnin a "Stoner" station
for music. Mainly rock...and For some reason, i play more
depressing music, weird lol.

By show of messages, how many of you people are interested
in that? Of course, it would only be when i'm not running
DJ for KRR.

so, show by messages to me on this site, or by emailing me
at [email protected] and say YES! lol

lAtErZ Pe0p1E!!!

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