purple star

Never once spoken
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2004-01-21 05:14:30 (UTC)

evil's toy

i think this an appropriate title for my life at the
moment. haha. oh my goodness. oh my goodness. its
almost as if i dont want to talk about it. but i will
anyway, as this is my journal. i am exhausted right now.
i worked this morning at 10:30, therefore, got up at 9 to
have a shower and whatnot. usually this is not a problem,
however last night i was up with josh till 5:30am. he's
sweet. we have a ton in common. yay! new friend :)

moving on... moving on... moving on... oh im braindead.
this is retarded. i dont really have anything profound to
say because my mind isnt working. i think im totally
fucked on graduating this year. i think i am actually
going to have to wait an entire year to take one
motherfucking class. how horrible is that??? oh well. i
guess in life, doors slam in your face all the time and i
need to get used to it. its just so frustrating cuz i
worked my ass off all this time and now that im so close...
im still so fucking far away. it makes me want to throw up
actually. ugh the frustration.

this weekend was a de-stressing weekend. i was off all day
saturday... i slept till 3 and our work meeting was
postponed so ash and i got to go out. yay! and then last
night i went out unexpectedly with olivia and met up with
josh and ended up having a really good night ;) this week
i have to focus on work and writing my paper. then its
back to school next tuesday. booooooooo :( well alright
all, im off to slumberland. love!

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