C'est moi and I'm not french
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2004-01-21 04:58:21 (UTC)

Perfectly worshiping

NOt much happenned... so this guy on here... he writes
poetry i think... no clue but says the exact same stuff
that i think or have felt... its absurd the resemblence...
for example: this guy i really liked broke my heart (to sum
it up and avoid tragic details) and this just fit it to a

same songs keep playing and running through my head,
they're reminding me of you. i can't yet tell if its a bad
thing, but it definately hurts my heart. even after our
delighful night together, you seemed a little distant and
i'm wishing something more could have happened. maybe i
could have tried to rekindle the flame you once had for me.
or maybe just one kiss would prove i'm the guy for
you...but i'm a coward, especially around you. i can't even
beleive you wore that perfume that brought back the best
memories, so plainly as you flaunted the fact you knew i
loved it. and i did. i'm kind of getting tired of pleading
to have you back, especially since i'm the one who was hurt
the first time we tried this out. well, so much for all of
this, i'm already starting to reap the feelings of another
lonely heartbreak. so much for positive thinking.

I'm tellin ya... this guy is a god... worship him