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2004-01-21 04:57:50 (UTC)

One Hell of a Trip

It's Tuesday night... I have been in Atlanta for
since Sunday night. I left this morning at around 12 to
go home. For those of you who don't know, the trip from
ATL to Niceville is between 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 hrs. Well I
didn’t get home until 9 my time. So that means it took 10
hours to get home...
The longest day ever... I woke up at 7:30, had a
fight because someone lied to me, (which I HATE more than
anything every, is to be lied to), then on the way home We
get pulled over for doing really fast in a slow part.
Well from there it all went down hill. Long story short,
more than a speeding ticket has to be paid. Then we
actually got to our trip and had to drive the rest of the
day... Not an exciting day.
Matt (My best friend) and I had a revelation, or
an epiphany so to say. We realized something we have been
doing that we have seen nothing wrong with until today,
but now have decided to stop doing that certain thing. We
realized there was no need and that it just isn't
necessary. And if you have read before, then you know that
I am a strong believer in things happen for a reason, and
today something definitely happened that i have been
debating on, and it came crystal clear today, so I’m kinda
happy about that.
We also decided we have had pretty crazy lives
between the two of us, and kind of want to write a book
about it. We thought that if we wrote a book between us,
where we each started of telling how our lives began, and
each stop at a point that makes you think why did they
stop at that point? Then at that point we would both pick
up, and that is where we met for the first time. It would
be like we were both sitting in front of you, telling our
stories, and mine would be in bold and matt's would be in
italics. I.E. (BOLD )yeah and we were cruising down 20
when we saw these 2 girls. (Italics) Nah, there were 3
girls. And kinda tell the stories like that., where we
are both there saying what really happened. And we have
MANY exciting stories, jokes, tips for life and what not.
We would call the book One Hell of a Trip.
But I mean this weekend wasn't too bad, but I
would have traded it for it not happening in a heart
beat. I had twice as much fun in Florida this weekend
than in GA.
Well that's all for today, have a good day.

Song of the Day: Fuel - Bad Day
Tip: If you are thinking you should start doing this, or
stop doing that, and have been thinking about it quite
often, and not sure to do it, or not to do it. Take a
chance, do something different, but do the one that is
going to better you later in life.