you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2004-01-21 02:04:46 (UTC)

MLK weekend

andrew came over friday evening and we were together until
monday afternoon. saturday we went to his camp reunion and
ran around philly all day, sunday we went to the mall, and
monday we went to lunch w/ his mum and grandmum at the
caseys across from newtown square - lol - i completely
forgot until mom told me, but that was the restaurant mark
klien (clien? shit i REALLY should know that)started. it
was sweet.

i spent all my money this wkend, now i'm broke. wow- i've
had money since my bday but now i don't, it's kind of
depressing, and we were a little sick of eachother by the
end of the wkend (not really, but sort of) - over all it
was a weekend well spent.

omg, i love andrew so much, even though i try not to think
about our future a lot (people change SO through thier
teens/20s) i still feel like we really could end up
together, forever. ------or atleast bffs. no matter what
happends, i don't want him out of my life ever.

oh, fuckmeuptheass! it's already 9 and i've got soOoOoOo
much gd homework, gotta get that shit started. - cedes.