Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-01-21 00:24:48 (UTC)

my weekend

I had a VERY lovely weekend! *sarcasim* friday was
ok....just a normal friday. Saturday was my mommys 40th
birthday. *snaps for tina* lol (legally blonde 2 thing).
we went to my aunts house for my mums b-day party. Ms.
Patty and Gail w/ Sam and Josh, Ms. Sandy and family, my
family, aunts family, Missy and kids (not same missy), my
aunts family and my grandma were there. lovely. i stayed
there so that i could babysit for my aunt and uncle on
sunday. (sunday was there 12 yr anniversary) well i talked
to cody sat night...we kinda got into an arguement...but
everything is ok now. sunday it rained so my aunt and
uncle couldnt go fishing as planned. then my grandmas
house flooded. the sewer backed up. my dad took out over
40 gallons of water from her room. lovely. just lovely. so
now my grandma has no carpet in her bedroom. the service
guys are gonna go back tomorrow to get there fans. they
are gonna cut her a check and shes gonna get new carpets.
sunday night i watched cody on his webcam. NOTHING BAD!!!
i swear. i just watched him type on the comp..hey anytime
i get to c him i take it. lol. he is SOOOOOO cute. then
monday i babysat my cousins. its getting really hard to
get my cousin vicky to do her homework...but yea...and
today was just a normal day. im trying to hook my friend
steph up with codys 'brother' rick. its sooo cool. and
hardwood is feb trying to get mum and dad to say
that i can go b.c codys mum already said that he could go.
well thats all the news for gonna go shop with my