Wishin' on some long lost star
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2004-01-20 22:03:59 (UTC)

Think about the heroes saving life in the dark

Hello again strange beings!
I am laughing internally at all of you… Yes… Anyway, I was
SO overly sad because Laura wasn’t at school today… So I
had no one to walk with from the stupid trailer outside in
the freezing-my-bootay off coldness to the english class
with the evil teacher from a faraway land called Turkey…
Yes that’s right childrens! We know him as Mr. Rau, but
what is he really? *ponders… Loses pond… runs off to get
the Dimetap!!!* Hahahaha no one gets that… I pulled a
Clara! It’s a joke that only I get! Whee… I love those…
Dude, today all day I’ve been crazy… I’ve been like ba-
jouncing off the walls! *breaks out into song!* I’m
bouncin’ off the walls again! Whoa, and I’m lookin like a
fool again! Through every reputation, one more song for the
radio nation! I’m bouncin’ off the walls again. *break*
Momma and Daddy got the best cocaine… Ritalin's never gonna
be the same… Got my finger on the trigger, and it’s IN MY
WAAAYYY!! I’m bouncin… Ok, we put an end to
that............. DOOOD cassy thinks my entries are long...
well TOO BAD! Muahahahaha *runs away laughing evilly* Ok,
you know what i don't understand? Why, when i FINALLY START
UNDERSTANDING THE SCIENCE, it suddenly becomes test day,
and then i get like a bad grade on the stupid test...
*kills test* *fires the evil Ned-Flanders wannabe/look-a-
like Mr. Cordary* Evil science teachers...
Cassy has input about the issue of the general being-ness
of BOYS, readeth on all that apply to that category. This
is her talkin: OMG I SOOOO AGREE! GUYS today... such
problems with talking to us. i mean, we're all the same
species. Just cuz we got boobs *GASP SHE SAID BOOBS!!!* and
they have *censored* dun mean they gotta be so immature and
clueless. I mean, helllaaaiiioooo, get with the program
boys! Therein ends our reading of the cassy speak... it was
on an IM convo we were having... Apparently i was "waving
my flub" at cassy today in gym, and now i have invented the
art of "flubbing" lol... I'm scared to find out what that
means... Hmm... My poor baby is sick today... Feel
better!!! I will wish lots of good faeries to come and ...
uh make you feel better. Wow... that was POINTLESS!!!
Anyway, monique is mad at me again. She writes me these
long notes (ok, so my "notes" are really long too...
they're like 2 pages just to say hi to someone lol... i'm
pathetic and don't have anything better to do, because i
mean pssh! who pays attention in class?)but these are close
to a page or what not... and like... I really don't know
about anything with her anymore... I really don't know
where our relationship is going, and i mean what i really
don't get was like the other day i brought up eve, and as
many of you know lets just say eve and i aren't the best of
friends... Anyway, so i asked monique how long eve was
gonna be in jail for because i wanted to extend the hand of
friendship to her when she got out, and monique was like
she's in for coke, it'll be a long time... and then i asked
something else along with that and she got so mad at me and
i have no idea why... and now she thinks she's wasting her
time on me, or i'm wasting my time on her, or something
like that... HAHA... molly and i are starting a Christian
band... (originally in my vision it was a praise band but
molls was like no a christian band is cooler cuz u can
write your own stuff...) and we're such losers cuz we still
need a bassist and another guitarist, but we have me on
guitar (yea right like i can play!) and her on drums... and
we're going to fail miserably... but that's a starting
point, we're going to rock hard! But it was cool, cuz last
night at like 1230, i couldn't get to sleep and something
just like took my mind off the random track it was on, and
made me start thinkin about this band... So i hope it goes
somewhere... Anyway, i'm not in the right mindset to write
yous alls a poem today, so maybe i'll come back later
tonight and write... maybe not... No idea.
Deuteronomy 23:23
Whatever your lips utter you must be sure to do, because
you made your vow freely to the LORD your God with your own
All my love,
PS: I have to add this especially after the great molly
said it today (lol i typed moly... like the little rat-
thing) Anyway molly said: It's so awesome to see how
totally-on-trackish you are these days. me: *grin* what do
u mean? Molly: Like no cuss words at all, a bible verse at
the bottom! It's awesome, it makes me go whee!
Lol i love her!