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2004-01-20 21:53:10 (UTC)


i've completely discarded this site for a while now, with
xanga consuming everyone's thought's and all. I figured
that this would be the one place where my thoughts,
emotions, feelings, and all that sentimental crap can go
uncriticized, uncommented--if that's even a word--and most
of all, unread.

I started temple last week. To be more exact: TUHS
(temple university health systems) Episcopal campus. It's
on Lehigh, so it's pretty easy to get to work both from
back home and from my appartment. From back home, all i
ahve to do is either take Rt. 1, to harbison (which
becomes aramingo), to lehigh; or 95, to aramingo, to
lehigh. It's even easier from my apartment: 611, which
becomes broad street, to lehigh. I work 11-7, so i don't
have to worry about traffic and shit, so i can be at work
in 15 minutes from my appartment, and half an hour from
back home.

Anyways, I get paid $12/hr. I thought it was $12.50, but
apparently I was wrong. It's all the same, tho $12 is
still a hell of a lot of money for a college kid. Even
after taxes, including city wage tax since it's in philly,
it's still a little over $9/hr. It's more money than I've
ever gotten paid, even averaging out tips in restaurants.
So yea, i'm pretty excited about that.

As far as the actual labor is concerned, it's slow-paced,
especially in relation to serving, low-stress, and overall
child's play...that is assuming your child can read.