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2004-01-20 21:45:25 (UTC)


Today...couldnt get any worse! There was no school cause
of a teacher inservice always i was home
all by myself with nothing to do! Nikki and Joel were
supposed to call me but no they didnt did they.....AH
WELL! I cant wait until tomorrow! New classes! NO MR.
SIMMONSEN! Ah my gosh! He was so boring! And may I add
rele rude! Ah more him! I have swim practice
tonight....i want to go but not for diving! I am getting
so sick of it! I mean everytime I dive my times are
getting worse! I know for sure that next year I am not
diving! I just enjoy swimming more! I wish I had something
to do.....Chalise is always doing something w/
Leslie....Nikki is always doing something w/ someone .....that leave no one....POOR LONELEY
CAITLYN.....well....gtg....Dad's going to be home and i
have practice.....Lata!

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