It smells like poop over here
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2004-01-20 19:57:43 (UTC)

kick me down is all i hear nowadays...

break me off, you can say it in a thousand ways." good ole
long beach dub allstars. it's eric and bud from sublime and
a bunch of their friends. i saw em at st. andy's, it was
tight becuase all they did was cover sublime songs, plus i
got bud's autograph. that had to be like two years ago.
i've gotten two interesting calls today. shawn called a
few minutes ago about me and mike moving into his house
with joe and josh. it'd be a lot cheaper...like about $150
to $200 cheaper per month. that'd be tight, i could finally
start saving money again. this apartment is costing waaay
too much money. i was gonna try to move back to the
westside again, cause half of my life is out there. school
and lauren. im getting my putnam check for about $6,000 and
im gonna go back to school with it. maybe i can finally get
a career going. plus it might be cool to live with those
guys. i said that me and mike should just take over the
basement....ill continue this later. PEACE