Book of Suicide
2004-01-20 18:49:03 (UTC)

J 1/12/04

8:34 am

i wish to make amends, but it seems as though i am like a
man dressed in red, trying to make peace with an already
angry bull. so the question is, do i run? or should i
remain for the slaughter? i'm tempted to give up, for what
use have i for a savage, meaningless life where i live and
gaze upon hurt all around me? there appears to be no
purpose or pay-off other than more of the grotesque battle
scene. where-in lies the point? i need guidance, because
i don't see. so i suppose it's best and easiest to
surrender, to be done with this, then to be rummaged like
carrion, and then tossed aside like the victim before me.
take the woman in red, and dismember her worthless soul...