Book of Suicide
2004-01-20 18:45:03 (UTC)

J 1/11/04

7:47 pm

ugliness. i feel so ugly. Death. Death is beautiful.
poetic with its absent anguish and misery. calm, peaceful,
content. Death isn't judgmental. Life abandons those with
addictions, oddities, and imperfections, but Death accepts
all with no conditions. who you were in Life doesn't
matter in Death. Death will embrace me, hold me, within
His loving arms, blessing me with a gentle kiss to
extinguish the fiery rejections branding me in Life. i
shall be freed from the shackles of hatred that burdened me
in Life. i will breathe the serene air in Death, and no
longer the anxiousness in Life. He will cradle me, like a
mother with her babe, and He wont leave me for another, as
Life has always done. He will Love Me, and i Will be
Free. Death, take me into your arms, and give me peace.