Elton and Laura fan

Elton and Laura fan
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2004-01-20 17:55:20 (UTC)

My internet friends

I thought I'd tell you a little about my friends.
Well there's Reg who is a girl (despite the name). She is
cool she's been through so much and she hasn't even reached
the quarter century mark yet!!!! I need to put her in one
of those inspirational commercials!!!!!
Next, there's Tanty, she's crazy!!! She makes me look
normal! Whatever you want to talk about, she'll have a
response (no matter how gross the subject!!!) (might have
to get a straightjacket for her!!!!)
Next, Kissy, she is so sweet and she's got a memory like
a steel trap! If I go into Acoma, I want her by my side
when I wake up!!!! I should put her on JEOPARDY!, she'd be
Then there's Elton and Billy fan, She wants me!!!!! LOL
just kidding! she's cool, I could sling a joke at her and
she'll sling one right back, I've got to be careful what I
say around her, cause she can turn it against me!!! (maybe
I should duct tape her mouth!!!!)
The rest, Are just sweethearts, unfortunately, I don't
get to talk to the rest very much.
But they all have one thing in common, The want to jump
Elton's bones!!!!! They are so horny for him that they
can't stand it!

Seriously, we all love Elton's music! ELTON

Untill next time....
Captain Fantastic