down in my eyes
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2004-01-20 06:21:16 (UTC)

It (still) Means Everything.

It's pretty cold, & i'm alone. haven't been doing
much, other than eating a bowl of coco puffs, 'n
surfing the net. Mest is playing at the glass house,
in a few weeks. & with Matchbox Romance, too. Sounds
like a definate show to attend. tho, i'm still kinda
queery about going back to the glass house... I
haven't been there in awhile. which is pretty sad when
i think about it. It was once my favorite venue,
Ever. But, it's just not the same, anymore. I mean,
there's no more crowdsurfing allowed. & They knocked
down the lil' bleachers they use to have inside.

I was Completely upset when i first found out of those
horrible changes there. I Still am. Sometimes a few
simple looking things, are big enough to change
Everything. & in this case, for the worse. Woah, if
you know me enough, you know Even Those reasons are
enough to make me want to burn that place down. &
another thing. I'm afraid of those Freaks i ran into
last time, when i went to see Save Ferris. at the
glass house. I swear, i Don't want to run into Any One
of them, EVER, again.

It was one of those nights, where it started out
beautifully. I mean, i was soo happy to see Save
Ferris, for one of their very last shows. So, it
started out heavenly,... until the show ended. Then,
it went downhill from there. It's pretty depressing
when people have to turn what should have been, one of
Thee greatest nights... Into something so awful, all
you can do is cry about it. You know?