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2004-01-20 02:55:24 (UTC)

Weekend January 16-18+ mon anniversaire

January 16th THE DATE

So I wake up at like 4 or 5 and start getting ready. Takes
an hour or so, then I had to go pick up my prescription
that just so happened that it wasn't ready, so I went on
and met up with Aindria, or as she will be known tonight as
Luci. So we talked over some pie at baker's square, and all
she could talk about was that boyfriend of hers who frankly
I've heard enough of. He doesn't seem as much as how she
places him. Or it's just something she sees and I don't.
For how can I truly judge from just one night. His name is
Gary(26), his room mate, my "date," is Ray(27). Yeah so I
was going out on a lim here.
We were suppose to meet them at this cafe called Pic me up
near wriggley field, on Addison and Clark. I now know where
it is. Turns out they don't have cars. This isn't a bad
thing, but this was a cold night, a date, in which I lived
far and did not, like Luci there intend to spend the night.
But we were at the cafe from 9 till about 10. We were to
see a show by Second city. The show wasn't bad, except, it
had alot to do with cub fans and current event of which I
either don't watch, and or don't care for the least bit. So
we grabbed a cab back to their place at about 12:30. I was
suppose to be home by that time, but I got to their place
at 1 something. So I figure it would be rude of me to just
say I need to go home. Hell I didn't know public
transportation doesn't run at those times. I was to be home
at 12:30. I took the bus, and a cab home out of my own
pocket. Total money spent on date from me: $11, for pie $2.
I swear, for a guy that wants to go out with a girl and
comes from money, that has manners, he really sucks at the
whole transportation aspect. And he walks me to the bus
saying that he was told he should kiss me. So I'm like oh
great wtf, in my head, but I just give him a peck and jump
on the bus.
The guy was alright, but not exciting, I hate that. Not
looking for that. Not fit, not good looking, not much to
talk about though we can keep a conversation going. This is
something Aindria and I were talking about at Bakers, she
is done with all the so called "crap" of pretty boys in
relationships, she said you can't have it all. I agreed for
a while, but now I kinda disagree. Even if you can't have
it all, you can sure try. I mean it surely looks like she
settled for that guy. I have no idea how they click but
somehow she is happy. I prefer to go through all the "crap"
to realize what EXACTLY I want. I know more or less, like I
knew before I went on this date I didn't want a boyfriend.
I do just wanna have fun. I wanna party and make out with
hot guys, and heck if they hurt me then they'll hurt but I
haven't been put in a position like that, and even if I
would score a hot guy, I don't think he would act too quick
so as to cheat on me. If anything not be exactly what I
want which might eventually piss me off, lead to a brake up
and a firmer boundary so as to what it is that I want.
Which brings me to my next topic...

January 17th The Club

Went with Karoline, Cat and this guy Jerry. He's nice but
gets annoying quickly. Kept following us everywhere like a
shadow. I wouldn't really mind if he were cool, but he was
a stiff. This one guy started dancing with me and at first
I thought what the hell he might be cute, but Karoline told
me he wasn't so I tried to dance with her so that he would
bugger off. But he clang right on. So I used Jerry and he
came right off like a tick to some strong nail polish. Alot
of fine guys in that club.

A great amount of performers. One in particular I liked
that looked like a stripper, gush was he hot. This blond
well built asian guy that was wearing nothing but a leather
looking speedo with this Gladiator like skirt he took off
real quick. Also these shackles around his wrists. Nice. He
kept striking poses. Very nice poses high in the air while
this bold chick spun her flags around him. Nice. Then he
did his thing with the flags too. Nice. :o) I approve.

Karoline danced with a good many hotties. Actually, on my
scale they were alright. This one guy in a white shirt bit
her on the ear. That was weird. We were on the stage and
this other guy started dancing with me. He was okay looking
and I danced with him for a little while but I didn't feel
like dancing anymore after a while, and besides Karoline
sat down I wanted to go to her instead. So I faced him
danced a little more, waved bye and gave her a lap dance.
She was honored that for once she was the one getting the
lap dance and not giving it. Always a plus.

We went down stairs at some point where we could actually
hear ourselves without shouting. There was this real fine
guy there. I've been doing this thing somewhat that night
where instead of some random guys coming up to me and being
not for me, I come up to a guy, or no, rather I make eye
contact with one that does strike my fancy so that he would
come to me, trade numbers perhaps score that night. Well I
don't know if that guy was tall, since he was sitting with
some friends both male and female discussing whether they
should leave or not. He was an alternative looking asian
with black spikes. I saw several guys with certain types of
spikes that are very attractive. The polish guy spikes are
not as attractive anymore. Santino type spikes are quite
attractive. So clean cut and dark. That's right my style
kinda changed that night and it seems to be something like
this: tall dark and handsome semi built or atleast not
flabby (a bit hypocritical there I know, but what ya gonna
do) black Santino like spikes, (not easily found and yes
they do differ) and asian. Why? I guess it's cause they're
attractive, and I like a guy with manners so even if
they're clubbers which could only mean one thing, there are
bigger chances for them. There's more hope, cause they
might have been brought up in a better, more respecting
environment, so they might be not so perverted or rude, and
just overall more respectfull and gentlemenly.
Yup, that's my new male attraction: Asians.
Don't tell my friends.

January 18th pictures

Not much here, I got my pictures, I got my album, put them
together, took me under 6 hours plus breaks. This was bad
cause I woke up at about 4p.m. The pics came out worse then
I thought they would. I have 3 nicely done artistic ones.
The Volvic bottle, Eileens legs written over, and the rose
in my black fingertip-less glove.

January 19th mon anniversaire

My friends forgot. Except for Pepsi. She remembered. That
is why she called me and asked if I was planning on doing
something for that day. Especially since that was the day
the 3 couples decided to do their triple date.
(Liz & Eric)
(Dwight & Kara)
(Anna & Marvin)
It made me feel bad when Chris called me up after I left
him a messege inviting him, saying he can't come. That's
not what upset me. What upset me was that he talked to the
couples and said that they were real psyched about going
bowling all together so they didn't really wanna do this
thing with me. I don't think that was the exact wording,
but he told them that this is a once a year thing, it's my
day and they wanna be with themselves on it.
The turn out was the three couples listed above, plus Tim,
who left early (took the opportunity I figure he wasn't
having fun and wanted to dash when Kara needed to go home
at 3 or so) and father Ivan.
Not really my friends anymore. Actually Ivan, Dwight, Kara
never really began their aquaintance through me, we just
kinda met up at Eric's. So mainly the group I hang with now
isn't really my group. It's just Eric's group. Steph isn't
my group either, she's more like Liz and Kathy group. But
Kathy and Steph both had to work. Plus Christina who
overslept. Had it really been up to me, with my real
friends that I do not have, we would have gone clubbing.
They would have been there with me at the mission. But they
are not the clubbing type. With the exception of Chris,
Kathy and maybe Steph everyone else would have just stepped
into a club for the first time. Many like Tim, would feel
out of place and wouldn't enjoy it, if, in Liz and Anna's
case, their parents would let them go.
Bowling didn't work out. We met up at waveland at 10, but
we played air hockey for an hour until there were no more
lanes opened. I got a streak so didn't really mind. It was
the highlight of my day. Later though we didn't know what
to do. We went to two different bowling alleys. Both
closed. Laser Quest had reservations up the ying yang, so
we went to borders until there woud be no more reservations
at 1:00 was the time we were to come back.
So we leave at one and we get some what hungry. We try to
decide where to eat for about 20 minutes and end up going
to the mall. Good place to eat. Spend an hour there anyways
and go to laser quest where the whole thing is packed with
full reservations for that day, and children. Saw Ms. Ramon
though, that was cool. Played more air hockey and lost my
streak to Tim. He started using my technique. Went to play
pool for 4 hours. Cost us only $5. Cheapest thing we did
all day.
Stopped by Eric's where Chris has returned from work early.
He bought me a WHOLE WARDROBE!!! From H&M of all the
places. He complained about that place for quite the while
now. But whatever. Besides Liz paying for my pool it was
the only thing I got that day. Which is expected and I
didn't really want anything cause no one really knows me
well enough. Besides, it was too short notice. I just
wanted a day to hang with my friends. That was gift enough.
(The thing that kinda spoiled that a bit was that the
couples, and I know this, preffered to be with themselves
instead of me. Kara said this one thing that kinda struck
some light on it: Looks like we got our date anyway. Or
something like that. I didn't really want that. I wanted a
day with my friends, not to be like the 7th wheel of their
weird coupley trend. I love being single, but I hate when
everyone around me is taking pairs!)
They invited Oscar who I did not want to see that day, and
started talking very excitedly about some star wars video
game, and this thing that Chris did to Dwight. So later
they had to show me. Showed me a demo, and played twice.
Then I told Chris to drive me home.

I'm trying to act more one my wants. That's kind of a
resolution for myself for this year of 19. That and those
spiritual excercises I started. All cool stuff indeed. It
could have been better, it could have been worse, eh, can't
complain. Except that I have no cash and I really need to
get something for Chris tomorrow. It's his birthday
tomorrow. After what he got me, I feel in debt. He spent
$60 on me! Dear Gaia!