My Life as I know it
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2004-01-20 01:58:02 (UTC)

My Day

Well 2morrow I go back to school YUCK! I have so much to
do, I dunno why im the comp when I still have hw, but o
well! Hahaha. Today was kinda a lazy day, I hung with my
favorite cuzins in the world...Aaron, Bren, and Jord. They
are like my brothers. I would often have my mind drift off
today. Thinking about someone special, and no not my ex! I
am so confused with guys right now, guys can be so time
consuming when u factor in all the time us girls think
about them. lol. O i just saw the movie freaky friday, it
was so cute. I got some ideas for new clothes designs, and
I want to learn hwo to play guitar more than ever. Plus
Chad Michael Murray is in it, need I say more. :) I also
have to work tomorrow, hopefully it will go by fast, Im not
really in the mood to work after school, I usally need my
nappy times! I am so happy with myself tho, ever since I
have started working, I have lost a lot of wieght, and its
finally showing. I look and feel so much prettier than b4.
Well I dont wanna bore u anymore, besides I really should
get going on my hw. ttfn!
~*Rebel at Heart*~

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