Swoozy's Q
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2004-01-20 00:47:34 (UTC)

Day One...

Well, It's been years since I tried to keep a journal or
diary. I sometimes think that I am a little to old for it,
but then I have so much I wish to say that I guess it
really doesn't matter.
I recently started a new job, moved to a new apartment and
kept the same boyfriend. I have been working at the same
hotel for almost four years now. Started in housekeeping ,
moved to the front desk and now am the Housekeeping
manager. It's sometimes weird to be the supervisor of
people whom I once worked with. People I consider my
friends. But so far so good. Lets just hope that I can
bring our scores up and get us some bonus's again.
As for the new apartment, for two years now I have lived in
a studio apartment, I almost don't know what to do with
myself actually having a real living room and a real
bedroom. It's nice to be able to go in the bedroom, shut
the door and forget that anyone else is here. The cats seem
to like it they seem to love running up and down the
hallways chasing each other. Now if I could just get Corky
to stop beating the crap out of Little E it would all be
good. He goes in spurts being nice to her and then beating
her up. I don't know what his problem is. He's just like a
kid. Megan is here this weekend. We are waiting for her dad
to get here now to pick her up. I love her to death but
she's exceptionally Hyperactive today and giving me a
I have so much more to say and write , but will wait for a
time when no one is standing over me to bother me.

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