Nick's Journal
2004-01-19 23:43:59 (UTC)

The interesting predicament evolution puts us in

so i was read dan's journal just now and he was saying how
all of technology, evolution is really just a self-
defeating purpose, since it really just bends in on
itself, if you think about it, cavemen had it the best of
us all, not worrying about all the shit we worry about
e.g. work, cars -- traffic, pills, 42 different brands of
potato chips.
i agree with this and i think it points cool finger at the
problem of our fantasy of evolution. apparently our
innovations of late, computers, t.v.s, cars, are all a
sign of evolution. hey we must be doing now that we can
get places in 3 hours and listen to radiohead while being
all warm. but not only along the technological sphere but
also the societal realm, we have devised new and improved
ways of diagnosing ourselves and this has led to knew ways
of "handling" ourselves mainly through a wide assortment
of drugs that put the right brain chemicals in their right
the crazy thing about all of this is that, the more we
innovate and invent the more our problems keep up with
us. now that everything is a cinch to do, and things
happen so instantaneously everyone expects everything all
the time. think of what a stressful existence we have
created for ourselves due to cell phones, fast
connections, faxes, and microwaves.
"well you could atleast have had your cell phone on, and
microwaved your burritto instead of putting it in the
oven. and you mean to tell me that you weren't able to
send me your report online while the burritto was in the
oven, or atleast fax it?" ironically enough the more we
try to master time, the more we realize that time just
sticks it's dick deeper in our asshole.
what i dont' understand is how our "experimental" approach
to our psychological existence has made us so much
better. we have gone past the idiocy of mystics and
prescribed everything to a formulaic schematic of
chemicals, that we are doing our best to place under
control. this is really the most absurd aspect of it
all. it subtly hints at conditioning the human race to be
a variable drone. don't get too excited have your
ritalin, don't get too depressed either here's your
prozac, uh oh, you don't look comfortable in front of that
crowd here's some paxil, damn, you look strung out from
all those pill changing moods, have some valium so that
you can escape from any emotions possible.
plus it's crazy how sociology and psychology are basically
a way for us to find excuses for our actions. the more
science writes down the formulas to our lives, the more
the "soft" sciences try to smudge the paper with their
theories, extrapolations, and interjections. BUT he was
molested as a child!!! that's why he killed those kids!!!
it seems as if we take an event, make it our effect and
look for a cause, and if there's one thing i know as a
finance major, if you look you will find what you want,
just dig hard enough in the data.
anyhow, the more we evolve the more we see that we set
ourselves back. cars kill us, guns make it easier, and
traffic gives us reason to kill ourselves if we can't get
the pills that we now "know" will make us feel better.