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2004-01-19 23:10:41 (UTC)

Chips and Dip for the car ride

well today i went with my friend Carrie Jean(my dad made
up the Jean part) to the Gainesville Mall. we each bought 2
Aeropostale t-shirts and i got a pair of jeans and i bought
each of us a pair of sunglasses. they are so cute. we had
chick-fil-a for lunch. we had so much fun. then we went to
our mall and i filled out some job applications...about 5
or 6 of them. i got to talk to the manager at Inland Ocean.
he said that they'll be hiring in another month so i may
have a chance! whoo-hoo! i need a job...i gotta help Adam
pay for our cell phones. then me and Carrie went to Publix
to buy chips and dip and then go back to my house to eat
it. but her boyfriend, Steven called. so we had to pick him
up and take him to my dad's shop because his car was being
fixed there. so we took him to the shop to get his car. so
while we driving we ate the chips and dip. that was
probably really dangerous but man was it good! then they
went home so Steven could take a shower and they're
supposed to be calling me when he gets done so we can hang
out together. but i dont really like being around them
together without Adam...only because they kiss each other
and stuff like that and i really really miss being able to
do that with my boyfriend. i hope Adam calls really
soon. ....RIGHT NOW!!!!! =*(

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