My Party Life
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2004-01-19 16:00:57 (UTC)

Oh my goodness what a dream I had....

Look, in middle school when I first got there- I was
popular as hell. My best friend was one of the popular
girls too and we were tight together. Her name was
Centra. There was another best friend of mine- his name
was Alonzo and he was one of the cutest and most
popularest buy in the school. Anyway speeding it up, I
changed homerooms and Alonzo went with me- but not
Centra. We spent time together but then my new friend
Kristen - he was a lame- kept telling me not to hang
around tables with my friends and Centra. I listened like
an idiot and soon I was a lame too all through 7th and 8th
grade. But I was still minor friends with Zo and we still
laughed and try to out do each other lol. But makin a
long story short, Centra and I weren't very tight
anymore. She became more confident as my confidence shot
down. I stopped getting involved in things and dancing
because I was scared of what ppl thought. She as
outgoing. Now that I am in high school I am more
confident but my dream last night.... I said I wish I
could be friends with Centra one more time because she
used to be like my Ace. And I wish I could see Zo one
more 'gin because he was really funny and nice to me. I
really miss them and hope they could one day